The farming calculator now allows you to select one of three locations: Outside, Greenhouse, and Inside. The inside speed is 0.1 of normal, so it's very slow, but can be quite useful.

I could still use lots of feedback on what to do next. I've made it possible to leave anonymous comments, so feel free to send me a message that way.

If you want to chat on Discord, you can join my server here: https://discord.gg/HcDyH4b

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Incredible points. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the amazing spirit.

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I love this website! PLZ never take it down! Very helpful and FULL of info! Good Job!

Gravidy developer

Fulana De Tal, that is something I want to do. I'll try and get my lazy butt out of game and get it done!

Fulana De Tal

Would it be possible to allow input of the time on which one wish to start planting instead of :
Planting at: Today at 11:17 PM
imo it would make planning easier.
Anyway excellent work you made !

Gravidy developer

At the bottom of the farming page, you can see the list, but it isn't obvious. We should definitely make it clearer.

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hello, just got a link to your website the other day, i was looking for growing times - thanks the info you have is awesome and i love the watering schedule calculator!! just one eency comment - you have the growing schedules categorized into 3 categories (quick, medium, slow) but you dont indentify which seeds are which category? i wonder if you could include that somewhere? ... or did i miss it?
ok thank you very much :)

Gravidy developer

Big thanks to Mishikal for updating me on some farming seed price and growing time changes! Check out the "Farming" tab on the left to see the updated tools and information.