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Farming Information

Seeds are grouped by the time it takes to fully grow. There are three different speeds, which take 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours (a greenhouse halves the time, planting inside is a 10-fold increase). These seeds also happen to be grouped by price, as shown in this table.

Cost Outside Time Greenhouse Time Inside Time
6-10 gold 24 hours 12 hours 240 hours
16 gold 48 hours 24 hours 480 hours
30 gold 72 hours 36 hours 720 hours

Watering Information

For maximum yield, seeds have to be watered a total of four times, at the appropriate time. The first watering occurs when the seed is planted. Subsequent waterings occer in every third of the growing time. The first third starts immediately after planting, so the easiest time to do the second watering is immediately following planting.

Speed Second Watering Third Watering Fourth Watering Harvest
Quick 0 to 8 hours 8 to 16 hours 16 to 24 hours After 24 hours
Medium 0 to 16 hours 16 to 32 hours 32 to 48 hours After 48 hours
Slow 0 to 24 hours 24 to 48 hours 48 to 72 hours After 72 hours

Remember that a greenhouse halves these times.


When known, the expected average yield from complete watering is shown in (parentheses).

Quick Growing Seeds

Medium Growing Seeds

Slow Growing Seeds