Farming Calculator times are now locale aware

The times given on the farming calculator now consider your locale settings in your browser. This should show times in twenty-four hour format, where that's a standard thing to do. Note that month and day names will also be given in your language, even though the entire site is in English.

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Gravidy developer

Hey Lafee!

There's a "show all" link at the top of the skills tables. There you can click on the crossed-out eyeball, and it will no longer be hidden.


I clicked on an eyeball icon in my skills and that skill disappeared. How do I get it back?

Gravidy developer

Al Thayr, thanks for the update on the lute string recipe. I've corrected it.

Al Thayr

is there a way to change time format to 24 hours system?

Al Thayr

can't find cloaks recipes

Al Thayr

i just got myself registered.
thanks for the great site, Gravidy.

Anonymous Avatar

i think Epitaph, Understorm Gold Mine and Verdantis Mine might still be interesting places to visit. for those who'd like to get; Fitzowen Legacy Leather Armor set, Order of Truth Cloth Armor set, and Norgard Knightly Order Plate Armors set.

Robert Frost editor

Wonderful reference for all things SotA !

Gravidy developer

We do not have a good tool for artifacts. Even just listing them would be great, something that deserves to be worked on.

Good catch on the missing scenes. Epitaph I can understand, as it's story based and unlikely to be visited after the quest. However, Understorm looks to simply be forgotten about.

Anonymous Avatar

i can't find Epitaph and Understorm Gold Mine here.

Anonymous Avatar

nice site and nice work. thanks Gravidy.
is there info about artefacts, their sources and zones to look for?

Anonymous Avatar

Super site ya have here.

Gravidy developer

If you haven't noticed yet, I've made an attempt at a cabalist clock (it's over there on the left side). I say made an attempt as it's not always accurate, but through testing, I've found that the cabalists aren't very predictable, so I think it's close. There's also a related page with a bunch of astronomical info on it.

Gravidy developer

I've added the Fried Frog Legs recipe that was in the latest content update.

Gravidy developer

I've added some spam protection to the comment posting. If there's any issues, please reach out to me on discord (see the link in Contact Us on the home page).

Anonymous Avatar

I forget what I was searching for but I stumbled upon your site and loved it! Something about the content and layout that I felt compelled to give you some positive feedback. Anyway keep up the great work and have a pleasant day.

Seldom Reckless

Great tool, thank you Gravidy.

Gravidy developer

Thanks Jack Lumber for the bug report. You should no longer be able to break the planting page by entering no value for "planted at". Note too, if you are on on discord and want to throw more ideas or suggestions my way, feel free to reach out that way. Invite link is top-right in the Contact Us info.

Anonymous Avatar

Farming Timer is like. 75% of what i use this for >.>

Jack Lumber

Great resource for all levels. Thanks greatly for all the information and helpful tools.

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Here's some random recipes

Iron Battle Axe Blade
Blacksmithing (Smithing Hammer)
Longsword of Greater Crushing/White Iron Longsword with Meteoric Iron Hilt
Process Bear
Butchery [40] (Cleaver)
Makes 2 Bear Meats , 1 Fat , and 1 Sinew
1 Bear Carcass Field Dressing