Potion of Deftness

potion weight: 0.3

Crafted from 1 Recipe...

Potion of Deftness
Alchemy [40] (Mortar and Pestle)
3 Empty Flask 10 gold
5 Garlic 4 gold
5 Spider Silk 6 gold
1 Corpion Claw 2 gold Field Dressing
no recipes use this item.


+15 Dexterity for 1 hour
effects vary on your elixir skills


No salvage info

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Gravidy developer
Updates to this item
effects +15 Dexterity for 10 minutes +15 Dexterity for 1 hour *effects vary on your elixir skills*
Tirello editor
Updates to this item
name none Potion of Deftness
use unknown potion
source unknown recipe
weight none 0.3
effects none +15 Dexterity for 10 minutes