Tripod Brazier
Blacksmithing [20] (Smithing Hammer) Teachable
Makes 1 Tripod Brazier
3 Chunk of Coal fuel 6 gold
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Gravidy developer
Updates to this item
teachable none teachable
result changes
added 1 Tripod Brazier
removed 1 Brazier
Gravidy developer
Updates to this item
proficiency none 20
name Brazier Tripod Brazier

Work List

  • Fuels

  • 8 Chunk of Coal 6 gold
  • Tools

  • Ingot Mold
  • Gathered Materials

  • 20 Iron Ore Mining
  • Recipes to Execute

  • 1 Tripod Brazier Blacksmithing
  • 5 Iron Ingot Smelting