Chunk of Coal

fuel 6 gold

no recipes make this.

Used in 500 Recipes:

Aqua Dye, Augmented Chainmail Boots, Augmented Chainmail Chest Armor, Augmented Chainmail Chest Half-Armor, Augmented Chainmail Chest Quarter-Armor, Augmented Chainmail Gloves, Augmented Chainmail Helm, Augmented Chainmail Leggings Half-Armor, Augmented Chainmail Leggings Quarter-Armor, Augmented Chainmail Leggings, Augmented Plate Boots, Augmented Plate Chest Armor, Augmented Plate Chest Half-Armor, Augmented Plate Chest Quarter-Armor, Augmented Plate Gauntlets, Augmented Plate Helm, Augmented Plate Leggings Half-Armor, Augmented Plate Leggings Quarter-Armor, Augmented Plate Leggings, Blue Dye, Tripod Brazier, Bronze Binding, Bronze Core, Bronze Dagger Blade, Bronze Great Axe Blade, Bronze Halberd Blade, Bronze Hand Axe Blade, Bronze Heavy War Hammer Head, Bronze Hilt, Bronze Ingot, Bronze Longsword Blade, Bronze Mace Head, Bronze Sheet, Bronze Shortsword Blade, Bronze Shortsword with Bronze Hilt, Bronze Shortsword with Constantan Hilt, Bronze Shortsword with Copper Hilt, Bronze Shortsword with Iron Hilt, Bronze Shortsword with Meteoric Iron Hilt, Bronze Shortsword with White Iron Hilt, Bronze Spear Head, Bronze Two-handed Mace Head, Bronze Two-handed Sword Blade, Bronze Two-Handed Sword with Constantan Hilt, Bronze Two-Handed Sword with Copper Hilt, Bronze Two-Handed Sword with Iron Hilt, Bronze Two-Handed Sword with Meteoric Iron Hilt, Bronze War Hammer Head, Brown Dye, Bucket Helm, Iron Great Hall Chandelier, Chainmail Boots of Defense, Chainmail Boots of Dodge, Chainmail Boots, Chainmail Chest Armor, Chainmail Chest Half-Armor, Chainmail Chest Quarter-Armor, Chainmail Gloves, Chainmail Helm, Chainmail Leggings Half-Armor, Chainmail Leggings of Defense, Chainmail Leggings Quarter-Armor, Chainmail Leggings, Clay Pipe, Coil of Bronze Wire, Coil of Constantan Wire, Coil of Copper Wire, Coil of Iron Wire, Coil of Metal Wire, Coil of Meteoric Iron Wire, Coil of White Iron Wire, Constantan Binding, Constantan Core, Constantan Dagger Blade, Constantan Great Axe Blade, Constantan Halberd Blade, Constantan Hand Axe Blade, Constantan Heavy War Hammer Head, Constantan Hilt, Constantan Ingot, Constantan Longsword Blade, Constantan Mace Head, Constantan Sheet, Constantan Shortsword Blade, Constantan Shortsword with Bronze Hilt, Constantan Shortsword with Constantan Hilt, Constantan Shortsword with Copper Hilt, Constantan Shortsword with Iron Hilt, Constantan Shortsword with Meteoric Iron Hilt, Constantan Shortsword with White Iron Hilt, Constantan Spear Head, Constantan Two-handed Mace Head, Constantan Two-handed Sword Blade, Constantan War Hammer Head, Copper Binding, Copper Core, Copper Dagger Blade, Copper Great Axe Blade, Copper Halberd Blade, and Copper Hand Axe Blade


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