Chunk of Coal

fuel 6 gold

no recipes make this.

Used in 500 Recipes:

Meteoric Iron Great Axe Blade, Meteoric Iron Halberd Blade, Meteoric Iron Hand Axe Blade, Meteoric Iron Heavy War Hammer Head, Meteoric Iron Hilt, Meteoric Iron Ingot, Meteoric Iron Longsword Blade, Meteoric Iron Mace Head, Meteoric Iron Sheet, Meteoric Iron Shortsword Blade, Meteoric Iron Shortsword with Bronze Hilt, Meteoric Iron Shortsword with Constantan Hilt, Meteoric Iron Shortsword with Copper Hilt, Meteoric Iron Shortsword with Iron Hilt, Meteoric Iron Shortsword with Meteoric Iron Hilt, Meteoric Iron Shortsword with White Iron Hilt, Meteoric Iron Spear Head, Meteoric Iron Two-handed Mace Head, Meteoric Iron Two-handed Sword Blade, Meteoric Iron War Hammer Head, Necklace, Obsidian Axe Blade, Orange Dye, Pink Dye, Emerald Ash Egg Roll, Hemlock and Ham, Gingerbread, Meteoric Iron Ring, Decorated Cake Slice, Baked Pacu, Stone Dungeon Room (Random Encounter 2), Stone Dungeon Hall (Intersection L), Stone Dungeon Hall (Intersection T), Stone Dungeon Hall (Straight), Stone Dungeon Room (1x1), Stone Dungeon Stairs, Stone Dungeon Room (3x3), Stone Dungeon Hall (Intersection X), Obsidian Wolf Chops, Pet Food, Bear Bites, Pet Food, Rabbit Pate', Meteoric Iron Necklace, Constantan Necklace, White Iron Necklace, Squirrel Stew, Anomalocaris Surprise, Pet Food, Venison Jerky, Pet Food, Fishy Nibblers, Beef Potpie, Black Cutworm Cupcake, Bone Broth, Pet Food, Dragon Kibbles, Fish Stew, Coelacanth Chips, Small Temple (The Fall), Stone Dungeon Room (Lich Boss), Metal Spear Head, Dragon Stew, Garlic Cheese Bread, Mutton Stew, Mutton, Lettuce & Tomato, White Iron Ring, Grilled Wyvern Chops, Troll Spare Ribs, Obsidian Boar Ribs, Obsidian Venison Loaf, Iolo's Cat Gut Goulash, Oozy Omelet, Nut Butter & Ooze Sandwich, Baked Pike, Chain Harness of Resistance, Bacon, Boar Surprise, Grilled Ammonite, Invisible Walkway, Short, Seared Swordfish Steak, Pickled Plant Pollen, Plate Chest Armor, Empty flask, hardened, Purple Dye, Rectangle Shield, Red Dye, Ring, Round Shield, Royal Purple Dye, Silver Ingot, Simple Tiara, Shortsword, Garlic Chicken, Triangle Shield, Two-handed Mace, Two-handed Sword of Greater Haste, Two-handed Sword, Wall Candle, Wall Torch, War Hammer, White Iron Binding, White Iron Core, White Iron Dagger Blade, and White Iron Great Axe Blade


No salvage info

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