Wooden Board

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Abstraction of: Pine Board and Maple Board

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Wooden Board
Milling (Cubit Measure)
Makes 2 Wooden Boards
1 Creosote fuel 2 gold

Used in 131 Recipes:

Arrow, Bench, Blue Stall Awning, Bookshelf, Brown Suede Arm Chair, Brown Suede Ottoman, Brown Suede Sofa, Brown Suede Wingback Chair, Wooden Round Table, Antique Hallway Table, Antique Drawer Table, Chair, Chair, Chair, Carved Oak Sidetable, Dinner Bench, Dinner Chair, Dresser, Fancy Bed, Fancy Stool, Antique Round End Table, Gothic Chair, Gothic Table, Green Stall Awning, Harp, Antique Coffee Table, Simple Wooden Mailbox, Large Cabinet, Antique Dining Table, Large Writing Desk, Antique Dining Chair, Mounted Antlers, Mounted Bass, Mounted Salmon, Mounted Trout, Piano, Plain Wood Hospitaller Ground Sign, Heavy Rustic Chair, Rustic Wood & Leather Chair, Rustic Wood & Leather Sofa, Water Platform, Dual Wax Cylinder Phonograph, Blank Wooden Street Sign, Elven Dining Table, Mounted Death Bunny, Wooden Male Mannequin, Elven Coffee Table, Elven Streetlamp, Elven Floor Lamp, Mounted Desert Wolf, Mounted Grand Boar, Mounted Obsidian Boar, Bulletin Board, Elven Wall Sconce, Mounted Wild Boar, Mounted Large Crocodile, Mounted Obsidian Wolf, Wall Board (Square), Wall Board (Rectangular), Elven End Table, Alchemy Signs, Blacksmith Signs, Armor Signs, Mounted Timber Wolf, Stage, Stage Stairs, Armor & Weapon Signs, Podium, Small Cabinet, Small Plain Longboat, Small Writing Desk, Stone Corner Tower Castle Wall, Stone Inward Corner Tower Castle Wall, Stone Ladder Corner Castle Wall, Stone Ladder Corner Tower Castle Wall, Stone Ladder Inward Corner Castle Wall, Stone Ladder Inward Corner Tower Castle Wall, Stone Ladder Left Junction Castle Wall, Stone Ladder Long Gated Castle Wall, Stone Ladder Right Junction Castle Wall, Stone Ladder Straight Tower Castle Wall, Stone Straight Castle Wall, Stone Straight Tower Castle Wall, Sturdy Bench, Sturdy Chair, Sturdy Stool, Sturdy Table, Table, Tabor Drum, Trunk, Wall Shelf, Wardrobe, Wooden Bed Frame, Wooden Phonograph, Wooden Storage Chest, Streetlamp, Wooden Wall, Cushioned Seat, Antique Room Divider, and Large Windmill Power Generator


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